Chrome: Alien Soundtracks I & II

Chrome: Alien Soundtracks I & II
Title: Alien Soundtracks I & II
Artist: Chrome
Label: Cleopatra
UPC: 741157200027
Genre: Rock

The complete ALIEN SOUNDTRACKS saga now available on one mind-bending disc of experimental dystopian sci-fi rock from the spaciest San Francisco-based proto-industrial legends Chrome! Originally released in 1977, the landmark ALIEN SOUNDTRACKS has been widely proclaimed one of the most innovative rock albums ever and was subsequently revisited by the band in 1988 with a sequel that explores similar musical and lyrical themes!

1.1 Chromosome Damage
1.2 Monitors
1.3 All Data Lost
1.4 SS Cygni
1.5 Nova Feedback
1.6 Pygmies in Zee Park
1.7 Slip It to the Android
1.8 Pharaoh Chromium
1.9 St 37
1.10 Magnetic Dwarf Reptile
1.11 Ghost Town
1.12 Planet 14
1.13 Under 3 Moons
1.14 In the Far Corners of the Unknown
1.15 Stars of Ours (Planet 14 Part 2)

Chrome: Alien Soundtracks I & II


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