Taylor, Chip: Gotta Get Back to Cisco

Chip Taylor: Gotta Get Back to Cisco
Title: Gotta Get Back to Cisco
Artist: Taylor, Chip
Label: Floating World
UPC: 805772622227
Genre: Country

Digitally remastered two-fer containing a pair of albums from this trio consisting of singer/songwriter Chip Taylor with Al Gorgini and Trade Martin. Includes the albums GORGONI MARTIN & TAYLOR (1971) AND GOTTA GET BACK TO CISCO (1972). Chip is an American songwriter best known for writing 'Angel of the Morning' and 'Wild Thing'. He is the brother of actor John Voight, and Angelina Jolie's uncle.

1.1 Fuzzy
1.2 Fill in the Last Time
1.3 Toly Toly Guyluesha
1.4 You Crazy Girl
1.5 I Can't Let Go
1.6 That's When I Walk Down
1.7 Mama Write a Song
1.8 Choo Choo Sharoo
1.9 Help Yourself
1.10 I Can Make You Cry
1.11 Somethin' About the Sunshine
1.12 Carolina Timber, Country Song
1.13 I Can't Do It for You, Stick-A-Lee
1.14 Sweet Dream Woman, Cisco
1.15 To Know the Girl
1.16 Love Was Not a Word
1.17 Dirty Matthew
1.18 Got the Feeling Something Got Away
1.19 The Baby

Taylor, Chip: Gotta Get Back to Cisco


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