Chingari: Bombay Makossa

Chingari: Bombay Makossa
Title: Bombay Makossa
Label: Abstract Logix

Stunning new release Bombay Makossa by the group Chingari showcases virtuoso ensemble of U. Shrinivas (electric mandolin), Ranjit Barot (drums, vocals), and Etienne Mbappe (bass, vocals). Each a giant in their respective spheres, the three members of Chingari have joined forces to explore an unprecedented synthesis of international traditions on their debut album Bombay Makossa. Bombay Makossa fuses the rhythmic intricacy and improvisational fervor of South Indian Carnatic music with the infectious buoyancy of Cameroonian sounds, bridged by a shared love of jazz, second-line funk, and the shimmering textures and grooves of modern pop.

1.1 Pack Up Your Bags
1.2 Sona Inon
1.3 Fireflight
1.4 Longue Lami
1.5 Tempest
1.6 Third World
1.7 Bombay Makossa

Chingari: Bombay Makossa

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