Castrucci / Musici: Concerti Romani

Castrucci / Musici: Concerti Romani
Title: Concerti Romani
Artist: Castrucci / Musici
Label: Dynamic
UPC: 8007144077525
Genre: Classical Vocal Crossover

1.1 I. Adagio - Allegro
1.2 II. Adagio
1.3 III. Vivace
1.4 IV. Allegro
1.5 I. Largo
1.6 II. Allegro
1.7 III. Grave - Allegro
1.8 IV. Presto
1.9 V. Adagio
1.10 VI. Allegro Assai
1.11 I. Largo
1.12 II. Allemanda: Allegro
1.13 III. Sarabanda: Largo
1.14 IV. Giga: Allegro
1.15 I. Adagio Andantino
1.16 II. Allegro Ardito
1.17 III. Adagio Un Poco Andantino
1.18 IV. Allegro Spirituoso
1.19 I. Preludio: Vivace
1.20 II. Corrente: Allegro
1.21 III. Sarabanda: Largo
1.22 IV. Giga: Allegro

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Castrucci / Musici: Concerti Romani


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