Bruni / Guzzoni / Tirale: Ars Modi

Bruni / Guzzoni / Tirale: Ars Modi
Title: Ars Modi
Artist: Bruni / Guzzoni / Tirale
Label: Tactus Records
UPC: 8007194107081
Genre: Classical Artists

This is the original debut album by pianist and composer Edoardo Bruni and his modal musical writing technique - in this way disconnected from the rules of tonality or other note's succession systems experimented until now - 'expanded' to the extreme of it's possibilities. A full-bodied chamber trio for clarinet, cello and piano, and seven tracks for solo harp constitute the content of this album that is the first stage of the Ars Modi project, based on the principle of the "pan-modality" with which the composer forges a new and personal sound aesthetic.


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Bruni / Guzzoni / Tirale: Ars Modi


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