Boy Friend: Egyptian Wrinkle

Boy Friend: Egyptian Wrinkle
Title: Egyptian Wrinkle
Artist: Boy Friend
Label: Hell Yes!
UPC: 4250506803025
Genre: Alternative Rock

2012 release from the duo comprised of Christa Palazzolo and Sarah Brown, both formerly of Sleep Over. With a creative partnership that combines different stylistic preferences and attitude with a passion for dark fantasy, narratives and love-sick lyrics, their songwriting is led by strong lead vocal and guitar melodies layered in harmonies, ambiance, and thick atmospheric backdrops. Egyptian Wrinkle was recorded in a friend's house in north Austin surrounded by dogs, bongos, and plenty of warm Texan vibes.

1.1 Rogue Waves I
1.2 Bad Dreams
1.3 Lovedropper
1.4 In Case
1.5 Lazy Hunter
1.6 Egyptian Wrinkle
1.7 Breathe
1.8 The Lair
1.9 The False Cross
1.10 Rogue Waves II

Boy Friend: Egyptian Wrinkle


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