Borderlands Trio: Wandersphere

Borderlands Trio: Wandersphere
Title: Wandersphere
Label: Intakt Records

Following the stunning debut album "Asteroida", the New Yorktrio Borderlands with Stephan Crump, Kris Davis and EricMcPherson release a double CD with four improvisations whichrange in length from just under twenty to over forty minutes.Recorded during the coronavirus pandemic in New York in 2020,the music contrasts the New York mood of isolation with anuncommon passion for playing, intensity and musical intimacy.Chicago/Berlin jazz critic Peter Margasak writes in the liner notes:"The works float, roil, swing, breathe, rush, and sparkle withoutevery revealing any sort of hesitation or falling into a rut. Themusicians don't follow one another and they eschew glib reaction.Instead, they sit with the flowing ideas, thinking ahead aboutwhere the music could go. They play a long game with their spontaneity.These four amazing explorations reflect a kind of totalmusic." He writes full of enthusiasm: "The Borderlands Trioengage in four mind-boggling explorations here - patiently,generously, and almost telepathically building a unified sonicarchitecture that celebrates the act of collective improvisation asprofoundly, as beautifully, and as completely as anything I've everheard." McPherson turned 50 on the day of the session, and callsthe experience "the ultimate birthday gift."

1.1 Super-Organism
1.2 An Invitation to Disappear
2.1 Old-Growth
2.2 Possible Futures

Borderlands Trio: Wandersphere

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