Blind Guardian: Nightfall In Middle Earth (remix & Remastered)

Blind Guardian: Nightfall In Middle Earth (remix & Remastered)
Title: Nightfall In Middle Earth (remix & Remastered)
Label: Nuclear Blast

With a steady evolution from their early days as a speed metal band to their current, renowned musical alchemy of glory, drama, and grandiosity, Germany's Blind Guardian have long since made their mark as the world's definitive melodic/progressive rock band. Called everything from heavy metal bards to modern-day minstrels, Blind Guardian possess the ability to transport their legions of fans to new landscapes with their majestic songwriting, fantastically themed lyrics, and meticulous, emotion-packed music. January 2019 sees the band team up with Nuclear Blast to reissue remixed and remastered editions of their three classic albums Imaginations from the Other Side (1995), Nightfall in Middle-Earth (1998) and A Night at the Opera (2002). A conceptual power metal/prog affair based on J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion, Nightfall in Middle-Earth's grandiosity drew comparisons to Queen and stands as one of the band's most ambitious efforts. It's augmented here by the bonus cuts "Doom," "Harvest Of Sorrow" and "The Tides Of War."

1.1 War of Wrath (Remaster 2012)
1.2 Into the Storm (2012 Remix and Remaster)
1.3 Lammoth (2012 - Remaster)
1.4 Nightfall (2012 Remix and Remaster)
1.5 The Minstrel (2012 - Remaster)
1.6 The Curse of Feanor (2012 Remix and Remaster)
1.7 Captured (2012 - Remaster)
1.8 Blood Tears (2012 Remix and Remaster)
1.9 Mirror, Mirror (2012 Remix and Remaster)
1.10 Face the Truth (2012 - Remaster)
1.11 Noldor (Dead Winter Reigns) [2012 Remix and Remaster]
1.12 Battle of Sudden Flames (2012 - Remaster)
1.13 Time Stands Still (At the Iron Hill) [2012 Remixed and Remaster]
1.14 The Dark Elf (2012 - Remaster)
1.15 Thorn (2012 Remix and Remaster)
1.16 The Eldar (2012 Remix and Remaster)
1.17 Nom the Wise (2012 - Remaster)
1.18 When Sorrow Sang (2012 Remix and Remaster)
1.19 Out on the Water (2012 - Remaster)
1.20 The Steadfast (2012 - Remaster)
1.21 A Dark Passage (2012 Remix and Remaster)
1.22 Final Chapter (Thus Ends) (2012 - Remaster)
1.23 Doom (2018 Remix and Remaster)
1.24 The Tides of War (Original Line-Up)
2.1 War of Wrath (Original)
2.2 Into the Storm (Original)
2.3 Lammoth (Original)
2.4 Nightfall (Original)
2.5 The Minstrel (Original)
2.6 The Curse of Feanor (Original)
2.7 Captured (Original)
2.8 Blood Tears (Original)
2.9 Mirror, Mirror (Original)
2.10 Face the Truth (Original)
2.11 Noldor (Dead Winter Reigns) [Original]
2.12 Battle of Sudden Flames (Original)
2.13 Time Stands Still (At the Iron Hill) [Original]
2.14 The Dark Elf (Original)
2.15 Thorn (Original)
2.16 The Eldar (Original)
2.17 Nom the Wise (Original)
2.18 When Sorrow Sang (Original)
2.19 Out on the Water (Original)
2.20 The Steadfast (Original)
2.21 A Dark Passage (Original)
2.22 Final Chapter (Thus Ends...) [Original]
2.23 Harvest of Sorrow (2018 Digital Remaster)

Blind Guardian: Nightfall In Middle Earth (remix & Remastered)

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