Bishop / Muller / Muche /: From A to B

Title: From A to B
Label: Jazzwerkstatt

?Celebrate the trombone - Appreciate it's slipperiness and weight; how it amplifies the intimacy of the voice and becomes vocal itself. Admire it's ability to saturate and cut. Applaud it's softening of the distance between nearly indistinguishable lows and all-too-present highs. The trombone is an object of comfort and warmth, an instrument of war, a field for play, and a surface on which to map revolutionary sound. The TRIO is that celebration: a celebration of the sound and possibilities of the instrument. And this is a glorious document of the kind of people that understand what the trombone is: absorbing and shocking; technical and transcendent; radical and human.


Bishop / Muller / Muche /: From A to B

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