Big Star: Live On Wlir

Big Star: Live On Wlir
Title: Live On Wlir
Artist: Big Star
Label: Omnivore Recordings
UPC: 816651017225
Genre: Rock

Big Star inspired a fevered allegiance among fans of power pop, giving rise to a cult of believers who spent decades spreading the gospel. Their enthusiasm turned this obscure Memphis pop band-one that got little airplay, sold few records, and only played a handful of times-into a remarkable rock and roll resurrection story. Big Star's trek from obscure Memphis band to standard bearers for an entire genre of music has never been fully mapped-until now.

1.1 September Gurls (Live on Wlir)
1.2 O My Soul (Live on Wlir)
1.3 Way Out West (Live on Wlir)
1.4 Interview (Live on Wlir)
1.5 Mod Lang (Live on Wlir)
1.6 The Ballad of El Goodo (Live on Wlir)
1.7 Don't Lie to Me (Live on Wlir)
1.8 Thirteen (Live on Wlir)
1.9 I'm in Love with a Girl (Live on Wlir)
1.10 Motel Blues (Live on Wlir)
1.11 In the Street (Live on Wlir)
1.12 You Get What You Deserve (Live on Wlir)
1.13 Daisy Glaze (Live on Wlir)
1.14 Back of a Car (Live on Wlir)
1.15 She's a Mover (Live on Wlir)

Big Star: Live On Wlir


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