Turner, Big Joe: The Boss Is Back

Big Joe Turner: The Boss Is Back
Title: The Boss Is Back
Artist: Turner, Big Joe
Label: Sunset BLVD Records
UPC: 708535700920
Genre: Blues

34 TRACKS / 2 CD SET ' 16 SONGS PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED ' 10 SONGS NEVER BEFORE AVAILABLE ON CD Hall of Fame Inductee! Doc Pomus said that rock and roll wouldn't have happened without Big Joe Turner. Indeed, Turner's mastery of every genre including blues, jazz, R&B and swing gave way to his uptempo party hits. But make no mistake'the timeless Big Joe Turner is bigger than any one genre, era or song. Side one, explores various independent single releases from 1950 to 1980. Side Two covers live performances from 1958 to 1985 - all previously unreleased performances featuring Eddie 'Cleanhead' Vincent, Milt Buckner and Slim Slam. After years of 'inferior' Big Joe Turner releases, this album sets the record straight with plenty of goodies for the most completist Big Joe Turner collector.

1.1 ** Side One: Studio Rarities
1.2 Adam Bit The Apple
1.3 Still In The Dark
1.4 Life Is Like A Card Game
1.5 When The Rooster Crows
1.6 Just A Travellin’ Man
1.7 Feeling’ Happy
1.8 Jumpin' At The Jubilee
1.9 After A While You’ll Be Sorry
1.10 Around The Clock Part 1
1.11 Christmas Date Boogie
1.12 Tell Me Pretty Baby (How D’Ya Want Your Rolling Done)
1.13 Wine-O-Baby Boogie
1.14 Baby, Won’t You Marry Me
1.15 Radar Blues
1.16 Twenty-Nine Ways To Get To My Baby’s Door
1.17 Chains Of Love
1.18 Wee Baby Blues
1.19 You’ve Been Squeezin’ My Lemons
2.1 ** Side Two: In Concert
2.2 Flip, Flop ; Fly (Los Angeles ’58)
2.3 Three O’Clock In The Morning (Los Angeles ’58)
2.4 Cherry Red (Paris, ’58)
2.5 Feeling Happy (Berlin ’66)
2.6 I’ve Been Up On The Mountain (Atlanta ’70)
2.7 Honey Hush (Baden-Baden, 70)
2.8 Low Down Dog (Baden-Baden ’70)
2.9 Hide And Seek Blues (Paris '71)
2.10 I Got A Pocket Full Of Pencils (Paris '71)
2.11 Love My Baby (Paris ’71)
2.12 Everyday I Have The Blues (Paris ’71)
2.13 Corina, Corina (Paris ’71)
2.14 The Chicken ; The Hawk (Paris ’71)
2.15 Call The Plumber (Seattle ’85)
2.16 Sweet Little Angel (Seattle ’85)
2.17 Kansas City (Seattle ’85)

Turner, Big Joe: The Boss Is Back


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