McNeely, Big Jay: King Of The Honkers: Selected Singles 1948-1952

Big Jay McNeely: King Of The Honkers: Selected Singles 1948-1952
Title: King Of The Honkers: Selected Singles 1948-1952
Artist: McNeely, Big Jay
Label: Jasmine Records
UPC: 604988311228
Genre: Blues

This CD is one of four new releases from Jasmine which present the honking r&b sax blasters from the late 1940s when they fronted the riffing big bands in the mid to late 50s and were making their own records or providing the sax breaks on endless rock and roll records. Following on from Willis 'Gator Tail' Jackson & Sam 'The Man' Taylor comes these 29 slices of frantic sax blasting by the one and only Big Jay McNeely. All of these recordings epitomise the style of 'honking' that mesmerised audiences during the immediate post-war years and the early 50s and includes his hits, "Wild Wig" and "The Deacon's Hop". A Single CD and the limited space of a CD booklet can hardly do justice to the remarkable career of Big Jay but just like it's companion CDs from Buddy Lucas, Sam 'The Man' Taylor and Willis 'Gator Tail' Jackson, the music really does speak for itself.

1.1 Wild Wig
1.2 Deacon's Groove
1.3 The Deacon's Hop
1.4 Artie's Jump
1.5 Sunday Dinner
1.6 California Hop
1.7 Man Eater
1.8 Cherry Smash
1.9 Blow Big Jay
1.10 Willie the Cool Cat
1.11 Road House Boogie
1.12 Hoppin' with Hunter
1.13 K ; H Boogie
1.14 Jay's Frantic
1.15 Deacon's Blowout
1.16 Let's Split
1.17 Real Crazy Cool
1.18 All That Wine Is Gone
1.19 Insect Ball
1.20 Let's Do It (Deacons Hop)
1.21 Deacon Rides Again
1.22 Blow, Blow, Blow
1.23 Jay Walk
1.24 Night Ride
1.25 Jet Fury
1.26 Deacon's Express
1.27 The Goof
1.28 Big Jay Shuffle
1.29 Just Crazy

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McNeely, Big Jay: King Of The Honkers: Selected Singles 1948-1952


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