Bach, J.S. / Schuetz: Saitenwechsel

Bach, J.S. / Schuetz: Saitenwechsel
Title: Saitenwechsel
Label: Profil - G Haenssler

Helene Schuetz writes of this new release: "The inspiration for this recording and the choice of works came from the Gigue that ends J.S. Bach's Partita in B flat major. When I first heard it in concert I knew immediately that this composition would work wonderfully for the harp. With the Gigue as my starting point, I began to arrange the Partita for harp. Of course, the instrument does have other tonal qualities than the piano - and, like any instrument, it has it's technical limits when it comes to performance practice. When it comes to chromaticism, the mechanics of the harp are more limited than those of the piano, and one only has eight rather than ten fingers to play with. But it was precisely that challenge that fascinated me in the process of arranging the works: you first need to have a clear idea of the work's intention and to have formed your own view of it's interpretation. The task then is to find ways and means to develop one's ideas and perhaps to achieve an even clearer interpretation than would have been possible on the original instrument. In this way, arranging the work for another instrument intensifies the performance, because the use of a new instrument allows other, new facets in the compositions to be illustrated and new tonal nuances achieved..."


Bach, J.S. / Schuetz: Saitenwechsel

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