Ashe: Ashlyn

Ashe: Ashlyn
Title: Ashlyn
Label: Mom & Pop Music

Ashe's debut album Ashlyn includes 14 songs which she describes as '... deeply reflective and honest, full of stories of my experiences with fear and pain and turning those hard things into joy and independence. I'm an experiential writer and there was no way I was going to make an album that didn't address my personal journey, from my brother's death this last year to my own experiences with emotional abuse. I think you have to be vulnerable to create something really great and I believe I did that. Writing this album was also an opportunity to show that I'm not just a songwriter and a singer but a producer and a musician with a very clear vision for my art. Joni Mitchell refers to herself like a bee, gathering stories like pollen and trying to make honey from it, 'whether or not the flavor suits people is something beyond my control.' I really tried to take that approach to writing this album, making something I loved above everything else. I couldn't be more proud of Ashlyn and I hope many people happen to love it too."

1.1 Till Forever Falls Apart
1.2 I'm Fine
1.3 Love Is Not Enough
1.4 When I'm Older
1.5 Me Without You
1.6 Save Myself
1.7 Taylor
1.8 Not Mad Anymore
1.9 Always
1.10 Moral of the Story
1.11 Serial Monogamist
1.12 Ryne's Song
1.13 Kansas
1.14 Ashe Featuring Niall Horan - Moral of the Story (Feat. Niall Horan) [Bonus Track]

Ashe: Ashlyn

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