Sciascia, Armando: Sea Fantasy (Original Soundtrack)

Armando Sciascia: Sea Fantasy (Original Soundtrack)
Title: Sea Fantasy (Original Soundtrack)
Artist: Sciascia, Armando
Label: Pheon Records
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 666017294513
Genre: Soundtrack

Full color reproduction of the original. Black Vinyl. Limited to 500 worldwide. Pheon is a new label started by Jonny Trunk with James Pianta from Votary / Roundtable. Both have a love of obscure library music, film music and jazz. Using those musical fields as a starting point, the label will be issuing very limited, vinyl only short runs of desirable and obscure LPs, compilations and new old discoveries. The first Pheon Records LP release is a rare trip underwater, with one of the masters of Italian film music and library, Armando Sciascia. Famed for his mondo scores and experimental library music, Armando Sciascia reached a peak in 1972 with this experimental, modern classical, plugged-in dive down to the murky seabed. The twelve superb library cues, taken from the original master tapes move like a jellyfish from beautiful calm drifts to wild electronic tension and all points in between. Respected by many as the finest example of underwater conceptual composing, this has to be one of the greatest examples of not just library music but also the sub aquatic sounds. Think de Roubaix, Jacques Cousteau and bath time. At last this amazing LP is available to mere mortals. But be quick.

1.1 Black Sand
1.2 Surging Surf
1.3 High Tide
1.4 Mediterranean Force 8
1.5 Shipwreck
1.6 Ocean Pollution
1.7 Underwater Fantasy
1.8 Moon on the Sea
1.9 In the Ocean Depths
1.10 Nostalgic Sea
1.11 Calm Sea

Sciascia, Armando: Sea Fantasy (Original Soundtrack)

Product-type:VINYL LP

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