Archeonic: Digital Pain

Archeonic: Digital Pain
Title: Digital Pain
Artist: Archeonic
Label: Parat
UPC: 5200328702135
Genre: Heavy Metal, Heavy Metal

The debut album of Czech death metallers Archeonic! The base of the ARCHEONIC band, originated in the Czech town Mohelnice, represents Mik (Bass guitar) and Leny (Guitar). These two guys established also the band SCENERY, specialised on technical death metal. SCENERY had finished all it's activities in 2007. There was some revival in 2012 through album "Mental Confusion" (Parat Magazine & Production),.. that was the last gasp and SCENERY were over through this. So Archeonic are born and after EP "The 16th Dimension" (2016) the time has come to another album. It was called "Digital Pain", there are 9 songs in 40

1.1 1984
1.2 Corrosion of Alienation
1.3 Cutting Edge of Insecurity
1.4 The Stream of Dependence
1.5 Frozen Mind
1.6 Crypt of Unborn Morrows
1.7 For My Heart
1.8 Virtual Cramp
1.9 Blackout / Pandemonium

Archeonic: Digital Pain


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