Clark, Anne: Psychometry - Live At Passionskirche, Berlin

Anne Clark: Psychometry - Live At Passionskirche, Berlin
Title: Psychometry - Live At Passionskirche, Berlin
Label: Flying Dolphin Admin

After Anne Clark had been on tour for 10 years, playing mainly electronic music, the time had come to do an acoustic tour for the first time. In 1994 this live album was recorded in the Passionskirche in Berlin. Anne Clark chose the title "Psychometry" because this concert was an example of how objects, buildings and places can capture the energy of people and events.Anne Clark already had a stable band with Andy Bell, Martyn Bates, Paul Downing, Gordon Reany, Michelle Chowrimootoo and Ida Baalsrud. Andy gave Anne a whole new range of sounds and offered her a completely new way of working with machines and computers, integrating acoustic instruments and straightforward emotional vocals.The result of this collaboration was an incredibly successful tour, which was very well received by the fans !

1.1 Journey By Night
1.2 World Without Warning
1.3 Unstill Life
1.4 Come in
1.5 So Quiet Here
1.6 The Sitting Room
1.7 The Spinning Turning of the Summer Earth
1.8 This Be the Verse
1.9 Windmills of Your Mind
1.10 Improvisation
1.11 Swallow Song
1.12 Dedication
1.13 Interlude
1.14 At Midnight
1.15 That We Have Been Here
1.16 Fragility
1.17 Killing Time
1.18 Closed Circuit
1.19 Echoes Remain Forever

Clark, Anne: Psychometry - Live At Passionskirche, Berlin

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