Oliver, Andrew: 82% Chance of Rain

Andrew Oliver: 82% Chance of Rain
Title: 82% Chance of Rain
Label: Oa2

Andrew Oliver's Portland, Oregon-based band digs deep into a genre-bending bag of original compositions for their first recording on OA2. The group has built a strong following for their diverse instrumentation, an exciting live performance aesthetic, and their carefully crafted originals that are inspired by equally eclectic sets of circumstance - an ode to a gas station; "Inattentive Attendant," musings on Hawaiian wildlife; "800 Turtles," and commentary on the bassist's taste in citrus; "Only a Quality Lime for Eric Gruber." the band let's their creative imaginations run free in developing often complex structures for their freewheeling improvisations.

1.1 Inattentive Attendant
1.2 Public and Republic
1.3 Biannual/Biennial
1.4 Bolivar
1.5 Only a Quality Lime for Eric Gruber #1
1.6 82% Chance of Rain
1.7 800 Turtles
1.8 I Am Yours
1.9 Very Small Island
1.10 Only a Quality Lime for Eric Gruber #2

Oliver, Andrew: 82% Chance of Rain

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