America: Live On Soundstage (classic Series)

America: Live On Soundstage (classic Series)
Title: Live On Soundstage (classic Series)
Artist: America
Label: BMG Rights Managemen
UPC: 4050538375589
Genre: Rock

Deluxe CD + DVD edition. America-Live On Soundstage presents a unique and intimate performance from the legendary group who defined the early '70s folk sound and ruled the Top 10 charts with their evocative harmonies and acoustic-styled musicianship. This memorable 20 song set includes their greatest hits as well as rare live versions of "Head and Heart", Till the Sun Comes Up Again" and "The Last Unicorn"-plus a special on-stage appearance by Christopher Cross on "Lonely People."

1.1 Riverside
1.2 Ventura Highway
1.3 You Can Do Magic (Live)
1.4 Don't Cross the River
1.5 Daisy Jane (Live)
1.6 The Last Unicorn (Live)
1.7 I Need You
1.8 Head and Heart (Live)
1.9 Till the Sun Comes Up Again (Live)
1.10 Tin Man
1.11 Muskrat Candlelight (Live)
1.12 The Border
1.13 Woman Tonight
1.14 Only in Your Heart
1.15 California Dreamin
1.16 Lonely People
1.17 Sandman
1.18 Sister Golden Hair (Live)
1.19 All My Life
1.20 Horse with No Name
2.1 Riverside (Live)
2.2 Ventura Highway (Live)
2.3 You Can Do Magic
2.4 Don't Cross the River
2.5 Daisy Jane
2.6 The Last Unicorn (Live)
2.7 I Need You
2.8 Head and Heart
2.9 Till the Sun Comes Up Again
2.10 Tin Man (Live)
2.11 Muskrat Love
2.12 The Border
2.13 Woman Tonight
2.14 Only in Your Heart (Live)
2.15 California Dreamin'
2.16 Lonely People (Live)
2.17 Sandman (Live)
2.18 Sister Golden Hair (Live)
2.19 All My Life (Live)
2.20 Horse with No Name (Live)

America: Live On Soundstage (classic Series)


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