Alkaloid: Liquid Anatomy

Alkaloid: Liquid Anatomy
Title: Liquid Anatomy
Label: Season of Mist

With a pedigree including current and former members of Blotted Science, Obscura, Necrophagist and more, Alkaloid have spent decades advancing extreme, forward-thinking metal. With their incredible new Season of Mist album Liquid Anatomy, the band launches full-on into the future. Embodying the very essence of extreme progressive metal, Alkaloid have created a profoundly dynamic and nuanced full-album experience that is ambitious and bold. Liquid Anatomy bends and twists technical metal into something new and exciting, and is a testimony to the boundless creativity of the genre itself! "All 8 songs on the new album are drastically differing from each other as their stylistic and dynamic range is much wider than before," says drummer Hannes Grossmann. "At the same time, we managed to create a cohesive record, on which every song can stand alone and simultaneously adds to the full picture."

1.1 Kernel Panic
1.2 As Decreed By Laws Unwritten
1.3 Azagthoth
1.4 Liquid Anatomy
1.5 In Turmoil's Swirling Reaches
1.6 Interstellar Boredom
1.7 Chaos Theory and Practice
1.8 Rise of the Cephalopods

Alkaloid: Liquid Anatomy

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