Ackamoor, Idris & Pyramids: Rhapsody in Berlin Part 1 / Part 2

Ackamoor, Idris & Pyramids: Rhapsody in Berlin Part 1 / Part 2
Title: Rhapsody in Berlin Part 1 / Part 2
Artist: Ackamoor, Idris & Pyramids
Label: Philophon
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE
UPC: 659123053013
Genre: International

After the reissue of the three private press albums from the 70's and the European tour in 2010 followed by the release of a new album ("Otherwordly"), spiritual jazz ensemble led by multi-instrumentalist or better multi talented artist Idris Ackamoor seems to have found again the burning fire that gave birth to ecstatic musical compositions and astonishing live performances. The honest love for music, the firm belief in it's social power and their indisputable talent shaped the story and the style of the Pyramids: after moving from Ohio to San Francisco, the Pyramids left for a journey through Africa, where they connected with their musical roots and the trance experience music can induce. About the 7" coming out on Philophon records (actually the very first Pyramids recording on this format) one might use the words Bradie Spellers used at the start of the 2010 tour :"The core of The Pyramids are together again, and it's the music that has brought us together. The cycle of time, the seeds that were planted over 30 years ago, have spouted and they've gotten strong. This is a very special moment, in musical history and in our own personal history, cause the music we're about to do is gonna be fire!". The song was recorded at the Ru-ting Clan Sound Lab in Berlin and produced by Idris Ackamoor and Max Weissenfeldt. A melodic saxophone theme, a groovy funky riffs and a polyrhythmic percussions harmony will walk you through an enchanted jungle that seems kind of quiet at first (Rhapsody in Berlin part 1) despite the sense of it's hidden power, suddenly but elegantly exploding in part 2 where the saxophone takes off and flies free before merging with a singing violin and a percussion madness. Issued in 500 copies, you don't want to miss this.

1.1 Rhapsody in Berlin Part 1
1.2 Rhapsody in Berlin Part 2

Ackamoor, Idris & Pyramids: Rhapsody in Berlin Part 1 / Part 2

Product-type:7-INCH SINGLE

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