Jim Williams: Raw (Original Soundtrack)

Jim Williams: Raw (Original Soundtrack)
Title: Raw (Original Soundtrack)
Label: Death Waltz
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited double colored vinyl LP pressing. Original soundtrack to the 2016 motion picture. Death Waltz Recording Co. Is proud to present the soundtrack to RAW. You may have heard Williams' work in Field In England & Sightseers but RAW will certainly see him breakthrough to a wider audience with a score that will easily sit high inside many top ten lists come the end of 2017. Williams mixes mellow acoustic tracks filled with violin and piano that are serene and beautiful with huge baroque organ led tracks that are intense and powerful. Full package artwork by Candice Tripp.

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Alexia Crash
1.3 Child Music 1: Coming of Age
1.4 Specimen Jars in the Dark
1.5 Child Music 2: Wonderment
1.6 Cheval
1.7 Growing Pains
1.8 Bus Crash
1.9 Child Music 3: Waltz
1.10 Cheveux
1.11 Child Music 4: Dark Reflection
1.12 Waxing and Waning
1.13 Finger Scene
1.14 Road Rage
1.15 Child Music 5: Innocence
1.16 Lust
1.17 Sheet Frenzy
1.18 Lost
1.19 Child Music 6: Reflections on Infancy
1.20 Love Lust
1.21 Blood Lust
1.22 Wild Love
1.23 Necromancy
1.24 Fight or Flight
1.25 Sisters
1.26 Finale
1.27 Raw Main Title Theme
1.28 End Credits: Final Reprise
1.29 "

Jim Williams: Raw (Original Soundtrack)

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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