Waipuna: Ku'u Lei Aloha

Waipuna: Ku&
Title: Ku'u Lei Aloha
Label: Poki Records

To endure a year in which too many have experienced unprecedented losses of family, friends, fellowship and opportunities, the men of Waipuna turned their creative focus to unseverable emotional attachments that can never be "socially distanced" from our hearts' embrace. These bonds include those that are sacred... to 'aina hanau, ancestors, peace of mind and lovers... as well as others that are secular... to an unforgettable lei, favorite hat, haughty friend or companion of the night. Ku'u Leialoha, composed by Charles E. King shortly after a prior pandemic nearly a century ago, provided inspiration and metaphor for this reboot of priorities which elevated the Hawaiian cultural identity that David, Kale and Matt share. Like master lei makers with an array of pua from our wondrous land at hand, Waipuna has artfully sewn several of their favorite mele... some tender, some playful, all striking... into a musical garland. We hope this precious lei will help you find the peace we seek in these challenging times. In the words of the haku mele, "Ke pane mai, 'olu au. Maha nei pu'uwai." When you respond, I'm comforted. This heart of mine is at ease.

1.1 Ku'u Papale
1.2 E 'Ike Hou Ia Lana'i
1.3 Ka Manu Pikake
1.4 Lilinoe
1.5 Kuwili
1.6 Ku'u Leialoha
1.7 Eia Mai 'O Hau'ula
1.8 E Ku'u Sweet Lei Poina 'Ole
1.9 E Ku'u Hoku
1.10 Morning Sun

Waipuna: Ku'u Lei Aloha

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