4Inn: 4th Degree

4Inn: 4th Degree
Title: 4th Degree
Label: CD Baby

What's up everyone, this is 4inn. I'm from the 303 'Denver area baby' I consider my music to be different than mainstream rap because I've never heard any rappers talking about being from the star vega and carrying out virgin sacrifices, not that any of that is true, or maybe it is I don't know. I produced the music for most of my album with help on a few tracks from my cuz tha Provida and also DSB from MentalSt8Music, all of it was made for your listening pleasure, so use it as a drug or a new sex partner, and await further releases...

1.1 Influx
1.2 Park Trippin Ft. Banditt
1.3 Hastic Ft. DSB
1.4 4th Degree
1.5 Weirdo Ft. DSB
1.6 Zips Ft. Lenz and Insaniac
1.7 Lethal
1.8 Time
1.9 Fallen Angel
1.10 SS Ft. DSB
1.11 Outflux

4Inn: 4th Degree

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