BKO: Mali Foli Coura

Bko: Mali Foli Coura
Title: Mali Foli Coura
Label: Buda Musique
Product Type: VINYL LP

"Mali, Niger & Algeria are producing some of the planet's most vital rock music - BKO are Immensely rough & tough" (Rolling Stone)_x000B_"A fierce modern take on traditional Malian music" (Songlines)Blending the sounds of the rural djelingoni with the urban donsongoni, BKO combine the Bamana and Mande Griot traditions with a percussive, over-driven aesthetic that pulls them into a more experimental realm, producing an urgent sound that is just at home in the bars of Bamako as in the forward-thinking clubs outside of their home country.

1.1 1 Tangwanana
1.2 5 Mali Liberela
1.3 6 Bko Nana
1.4 9 Mon Amour
1.5 4 Dirty Donso
1.6 2 Salia
1.7 7 Rougeot
1.8 8 from Segou to Nightmare
1.9 3 Strange Koreduga

BKO: Mali Foli Coura

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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