Montse: Cool Beat

Montse: Cool Beat
Title: Cool Beat
Label: CD Baby

Montse has created her own original style in both English and Spanish geared towards kids of all ages with fun upbeat music that everyone can dance to. From the early age of four, Monste was captivated with music, dance and the arts. She became intrigued with the unique sounds and lyrics that every song on the radio conveyed and the indescribable feelings that emerged in her while listening to these melodies. Born in 2001 in Los Angeles, Montse exemplifies a young talented singer, songwriter, dancer and actress. Her gifted talent can be heard behind the microphone in the studios of the local radio station where her father works. With her extraordinary angelic voice, this gifted superstar of now only 12 years of age has already accomplished what many adult stars still dream of. With her admirable discipline and long hours of practice, she not only has released an album but has participated in numerous local music events, music festivals singing competitions, television shows including Telemundo's La Voz Kids. This upcoming sensational star exhibits no limits in what she strives to accomplish where she's also revealing her talent as a savvy entrepreneur launching her own guitar line. Along side her upbeat personality and incomparable eccentric look, Montse represents outstanding potential as a marketable and commercial young star. The passion and unconditional love for this industry is admirable where her hunger for success not many in the industry hold. "Music is everything to me and I wouldn't change it for the world!" - Montse.

1.1 Cool Beat
1.2 Hoola Hoop
1.3 California Kids
1.4 Vamos a Jugar Somos los Niños
1.5 I'll Listen to You
1.6 Jumper
1.7 California Kids Remix

Montse: Cool Beat

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