Mister Rogers: You're Growing

Mister Rogers: You&
Title: You're Growing
Label: Omnivore Recordings

Reissue of 1992 release. Mister Rogers' Neighborhood premiered on television over five decades ago. It's impossible to know how many children's (and adult's) lives were impacted by it's positive and meaningful messages over the years. It's staying power has never lapsed. Academy and Grammy winning director Morgan Neville's 2018 documentary, Won't You Be My Neighbor?, reawakened our love for Fred Rogers, and introduced a new generation to him. With the 2019 release of A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood (starring Tom Hanks as Fred Rogers in a Golden Globe®-nominated performance), the beloved Mister Rogers and his neighborhood is once again front and center in the hearts, minds, and ears of everyone.

1.1 Won't You Be My Neighbor?
1.2 You're Growing
1.3 Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday
1.4 Everything Grows Together
1.5 Are You Brave?
1.6 One and One Are Two
1.7 Days of the Week
1.8 Please Don't Think It's Funny
1.9 When the Baby Comes
1.10 What Do You Do?
1.11 Sometimes People Are Good
1.12 You've Got to Do It
1.13 Going to Marry Mom
1.14 You Can Never Go Down the Drain
1.15 Let's Think of Something to Do
1.16 It's Such a Good Feeling

Mister Rogers: You're Growing

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