Jason Didner & the Jungle Gym Jam: Everyones Invited!

Jason Didner & the Jungle Gym Jam: Everyones Invited!
Title: Everyones Invited!
Label: CD Baby

Fast Facts: Everyone's Invited! By Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam Accolades: Parent's Choice Approved 2014 CD Baby Editors' Pick 2014 More about the Album and it's Creators: Jason and Amy Didner got their inspiration to write this album's lyrics together last winter from their then-one-year-old daughter. Jason is the host of 'The Cool Rockin' Daddy Video Show' on Montclair, NJ's TV-34 channel and streaming live at coolrockindaddy. Tv. Amy interviews popular children's musicians on the show. Songs on 'Everyone's Invited!' offer learning for kids at multiple levels, often within the same song. - 'Five Sea Lions' teaches older kids (and grown-ups) the difference between sea lions and seals. - It teaches younger kids to count down from five! - 'Everyone's Invited!' is a rock-n-roll album at it's heart, using different styles to carry the different stories in the lyrics: - Ramones-style punk energy on 'Jungle Gym Jamming' and 'Down By the Bay.' - Reggae/ska vibe on 'Five Sea Lions' with Jason adding Santana/Clapton influenced bluesy guitar breaks - Grateful Dead/Phish type jamband grooves on 'My Glasses' and 'The Pick Song,' driven by the tight rhythm section of Ross Kantor on drums and Judy Helbig on bass guitar. - Rootsy folk on 'Mimi the Ladybug,' featuring a mandolin acting out the part of the ladybug and her dancing feet. Produced, engineered and mixed by Dave Cushing at Snowdome Studios, Montclair, NJ, a converted carriage house with a history back to the days of horse-drawn buggies. Mastered by Scott Anthony at The Viewing Room in Springfield and Maplewood, NJ. John Ginty set aside time after a tour of Canada as the Dixie Chicks' organist to fire up his 1969 Hammond B-3 organ and add his soulful sound to 'Window of the Train' before flying to Los Angeles to record organ tracks for Steve Earle. Running time: 37:31 Release Date: January 28, 2014 via Knock-Knock Records (owned by Jason and Amy)

1.1 Jungle Gym Jamming
1.2 Window of the Train
1.3 Five Sea Lions
1.4 The People Exhibit at the Zoo
1.5 My Glasses
1.6 Mimi the Ladybug
1.7 The Pick Song
1.8 A Bowling Party
1.9 Stay in the Pool
1.10 Glass Bottom Boat
1.11 Peek-A-Boo Moon
1.12 Down By the Bay

Jason Didner & the Jungle Gym Jam: Everyones Invited!

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