Daniel Shklair: Ten Lullabies

Daniel Shklair: Ten Lullabies
Title: Ten Lullabies
Label: CD Baby

Ten Lullabies is a collection of original pieces for the very young (and the not so very young)! The music on this disc is entirely instrumental and features the sounds of harps, flutes, recorders, strings and more. It is relaxing, soothing, and quieting. Excellent at bedtime or as background, this CD is sure to set a peaceful atmosphere. Pleasant dreams!

1.1 Lullaby for Violet
1.2 The Bunnies
1.3 Chaconne in ZZZZZ
1.4 Jackson's Lullaby
1.5 Ode to Oden
1.6 A Is for Alexandra
1.7 Day for Night for James a. M. G
1.8 The Dozing K
1.9 Floating on a Feather
1.10 Dream Café

Daniel Shklair: Ten Lullabies

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