Valerie Markell: Spring Thaw 2008: Live

Valerie Markell: Spring Thaw 2008: Live
Title: Spring Thaw 2008: Live
Label: CD Baby

Valerie MarKell is a vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist. Her warm honey voice weaves a rich tapestry - romantic, beautiful, and grounded. Val plays with a passionate and soulful down to the bone quality. Her voice has a sweet purity and silky depth that is like a velvet caress, provoking emotion beyond the words. Valerie approaches each song as a piece of art - with passionate symbolic themes that reach deep into the heart of the listener. Val's earliest musical influences were her parents, who both enjoyed singing. They often sang as a family rolling down the road together. Those early roots have resulted in a love of music that is vocally based. Valerie's Indie/Folk styling is apparent in both her original works and renditions of other's music. Others have described Val as a vocal cross between Judy Collins and Grace Slick. A Northwest Native, Val makes her home on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington. All that rain can lead to days of navel gazing introspection, and sometimes creative gems are born among the mud puddles. She has recently completed a CD project, Spring Thaw, Valerie Markell - Live!

1.1 The Water Is Wide
1.2 Changing Wind
1.3 Hot Gets a Little Cold
1.4 Remember Me
1.5 Telluride
1.6 Walk with You
1.7 Suzanne

Valerie Markell: Spring Thaw 2008: Live

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