Mountain of Power: Volume Two

Mountain of Power: Volume Two
Title: Volume Two
Label: CD Baby

Mega-awesome, brain-damaging second disc from the Grooveyard's bad-ass, heavy-duty, retro-70s heavy guitar 'tribute' project from Sweden featuring Janne 'Rock Machine' Stark and an amazing cast of outstanding, killer 'special guest' axerippers and vocalists that truly deliver on a solid mission to Keep the Rock alive. Includes 14 tracks (76 minutes) of Classic, over-the-top, obscure, powerful, intense, retro-70s, blues-based heavy guitar riffage that will kick your ass & rock your world. On this outstanding follow-up to the first Mountain of Power disc, Janne Stark & Co. Dig in deep on an awesome collection of killer 70s hard & heavy rock that lands bad-ass with tons of outstanding riffage and 'musical brotherhood' all in the name of serious Guitar Rock. Brother Janne Stark (Locomotive Breath / Constancia / BALLS / Overdrive) is a solid man of rock with an impeccable ear for the riffage that matters. The Man is an unstoppable heavy guitar force who successfully nails down this incredible guitar-heavy musical document. 'Volume II' includes righteous, mind-blowing, heavy, retro-70s 'cover jams' complete with extended lead-guitar action by the following bands/guitarists: FRANK MARINO & MAHOGANY RUSH, ULI JON ROTH & ELECTRIC SUN, UFO WITH SCHENKER, PAT TRAVERS, RORY GALLAGHER, LESLIE WEST, ZZTOP, BLACKFOOT, TRAPEZE, Y&T, OZZ, TRIGGER, SAMMY HAGAR and the RESURRECTION BAND that are all guaranteed to rock your good jam: house into the ground. If you love Classic obscure 70's heavy guitar rock dig in deep, brothers & sisters, the MOUNTAIN OF POWER is just what the doctor ordered. The MOUNTAIN OF POWER: 'Volume II' disc features many amazing, world-class 'special guest' axerippers in the form of JOHN NORUM, TY TABOR (KING'S X), RUSTY BURNS (POINT BLANK), CLAS YNGSTROM (SKY HIGH), THOMAS LARSSON (GLENN HUGHES), SVEN CIRNSKI (TRUTH), THOMAS JUNEOR ANDERSSON (KAMCHATKA), MARTIN J. ANDERSEN (BLINDSTONE), KJELL BERGENDAHL (THALAMUS), GREG MARTIN (RUFUS HUFF), CONNY BLOOM (ELECTRIC BOYS), MICK NORD, TOMMY DENANDER, CRAIG ERICKSON, JAY JESSE JOHNSON, grOOveDaWg & MR. STARK all rippin' up their bad-ass axes in mighty fine heavy guitar fashion. 'Volume II' also features the following way-kool, awesome vocalists: PAUL SHORTINO (ROUGH CUTT/QUIET RIOT), DAVID FREMBERG (TRUTH), JARROD ENGLAND (RUFUS HUFF), CONNY BLOOM (ELECTRIC BOYS), PONTUS SNIBB (BONAFIDE), CLAS YNGSTROM (SKY HIGH), CHRISTIAN RIVEL, MICK NORD, MARTIN J. ANDERSEN (BLINDSTONE), KJELL BERGENDAHL (THALAMUS), MATTIAS OSBACK (LOCOMOTIVE BREATH), CINDY WEICHMAN (NAIL), MARIA RADSTEN & PERILOZ KARLSSON. The MOUNTAIN OF POWER 'Groove Machine' is provided by TRUMPETER SVENSON and JAMES COLLINS (POD) on powerhouse Drums and the 'SACRED ALIEN' lays down the 'low-end bottom kool'. Mixing went down @ Studio Underground by Swedish studio veteran Pelle Saether and the mastering was excellently done by Ty Tabor (King's X) @ Alien Beans Studio. All the above talented players produce and deliver the serious rock 'goods' on the bad-ass, phenomenal MOUNTAIN OF POWER 'Volume II' disc. An Essential slab of monumental heavy guitar rock from the Grooveyard.

1.1 Urban Guerilla
1.2 Checkin' It Out / Sister Madness
1.3 Makin' Magic / Makes No Difference
1.4 Reasons Love / This Kids
1.5 Talkin' 'Bout a Feeling
1.6 Monkey
1.7 Bedroom Thang
1.8 Deadly Weapon
1.9 Struck Down / 25 Hours a Day
1.10 Money (Whatcha Gonna Do)
1.11 Bad Penny / Keychain
1.12 Waves
1.13 Indian Dawn
1.14 I Stand Alone

Mountain of Power: Volume Two

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