Combs, Luke: This One's For You Too

Luke Combs: This One&
Title: This One's For You Too
Label: Sony

Deluxe expanded edition includes five new tracks including "She's Got The Best Of Me!". 2017 release from the 27 year-old Asheville, North Carolina country music sensation. With gritty, grizzled vocals, brazen songwriting talent and one hell of a live show, Luke Combs stormed onto country music landscape as a force to be reckoned with. Combs' debut smash radio single "Hurricane" quickly became a staple anthem for country fans. After attending Appalachian State, Combs, a true road warrior, built his avid fan base, delivering over 200 rowdy, hold-nothing-back shows per year.

1.1 Out There
1.2 Memories Are Made of
1.3 Lonely One
1.4 Beer Can
1.5 Hurricane
1.6 One Number Away
1.7 Don't Tempt Me
1.8 When It Rains It Pours
1.9 This One's for You
1.10 Be Careful What You Wish for
1.11 I Got Away with You
1.12 Honky Tonk Highway
1.13 Houston, We Got a Problem
1.14 Must've Never Met You
1.15 Beautiful Crazy
1.16 A Long Way
1.17 She Got the Best of Me

Combs, Luke: This One's For You Too

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