Popescu, Julian: Artificial Monarchy

Julian Popescu: Artificial Monarchy
Title: Artificial Monarchy
Artist: Popescu, Julian
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 884501913737
Genre: Dance

This album features 10 inspirational trance songs that will make you feel alive. Whether you are driving on a road trip, sitting on the couch or at a huge party with friends, these tunes are the perfect source of energetic dance movement. Unlike techno, there is a little mix of hip hop, with piano, saxophone, bass guitar, and string added to the electronic sounds of upbeat trance. Listening to this variety of melodies allows you to feel comfort and motivational sensations. Your imagination will enter a brand new world, a world of trance, pure energy, and a taste of Artificial Monarchy.

1.1 Angels Reunited
1.2 Artificial Monarchy
1.3 Crown of the Android
1.4 Cyber Sky
1.5 Cyborg Kingdom
1.6 Eye of the Storm
1.7 Human Apocalypse
1.8 King Cobra
1.9 Synthetic Soldier
1.10 Eagle Flight One

Popescu, Julian: Artificial Monarchy


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