Joy Division: Unknown Pleasures

Joy Division: Unknown Pleasures
Title: Unknown Pleasures
Label: Warner Classics UK

2007 digitally remastered and expanded two CD edition of the influential Manchester quartet's 1979 debut album. Joy Division's influence on modern music is not only based around the band's unique sound, but also their vision, their personalities and their intense and troubled vocalist, Ian Curtis who committed suicide on the eve of their first tour of the U.S. Disc One features the original album containing 10 tracks including 'Disorder', 'She's Lost Control' and 'Interzone'. Disc Two features 12 tracks recorded live at the Factory in Manchester, April of 1980. Rhino UK.

1.1 Exercise One (Disc 01)
1.2 Ice Age
1.3 The Sound of Music
1.4 Glass
1.5 The Only Mistake
1.6 Walked in Line
1.7 The Kill
1.8 Something Must Break
1.9 Dead Souls
1.10 Sister Ray
1.11 Ceremony
1.12 Shadowplay
1.13 A Means to An End
1.14 Passover
1.15 New Dawn Fades
1.16 Transmission
1.17 Disorder
1.18 Isolation
1.19 Decades
1.20 Digital
1.21 The Sound of Music (Disc 02)
1.22 A Means to An End
1.23 Colony
1.24 Twenty Four Hours
1.25 Isolation
1.26 Love Will Tear Us Apart
1.27 Disorder
1.28 Atrocity Exhibition
1.29 Isolation
1.30 The Eternal
1.31 Ice Age
1.32 Disorder
1.33 The Sound of Music
1.34 A Means to An End

Joy Division: Unknown Pleasures

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