Earl Sweatshirt: Doris

Earl Sweatshirt: Doris
Title: Doris
Label: Sony

Earl Sweatshirt's hotly anticipated album DORIS is due out on August 20th, and the young rapper has revealed a host of guests who have contributed to his major label debut. Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA and Pharrell contribute with their production, and Sweatshirt also brought in Mac Miller and fellow Odd Future crew members Frank Ocean, Tyler, the Creator and Domo Genesis for guest verses on the new album.

1.1 Pre - Feat. SK La' Flare
1.2 Burgundy - Feat. Vince Staples
1.3 20 Wave Caps - Feat. Domo Genesis
1.4 Sunday - Feat. Frank Ocean
1.5 Hive - Feat. Vince Staples ; Casey Veggies
1.6 Chum
1.7 Sasquatch - Feat. Tyler, the Creator
1.8 Centurion - Feat. Vince Staples
1.9 523
1.10 Uncle Al
1.11 Guild - Feat. Mac Miller
1.12 Molasses - Feat. Rza
1.13 Whoa - Feat. Tyler, the Creator
1.14 Hoarse
1.15 Knight Feat. Domo Genesis

Earl Sweatshirt: Doris

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