DMX: It's Dark & Hell Is Hot

Dmx: It&
Title: It's Dark & Hell Is Hot
Label: Def Jam

With his raw energy and dark sex appeal, DMX (or Dark Man X, or Dark Man of the Unknown as he is often called) is headed for the stars - and beyond. The 21-year-old Yonkers native has been a lyricist for years; his creative flow, combined with his raspy voice and electric rhyme style is particularly fresh and innovative. His 1st single, "Get at Me Dog," has already become NY's anthem for the streets, and the "buzz" is expected to quickly intensify to a roar.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Ruff Ryders' Anthem
1.3 Fuckin' Wit' D
1.4 The Storm (Skit)
1.5 Look Thru My Eyes
1.6 Get at Me Dog
1.7 Let Me Fly
1.8 X-Is Coming
1.9 Damien
1.10 How's It Goin' Down
1.11 Mickey (Skit)
1.12 Crime Story
1.13 Stop Being Greedy
1.14 Atf
1.15 For My Dogs
1.16 I Can Feel It
1.17 Prayer (Skit)
1.18 The Convo
1.19 Niggaz Done Started Something

DMX: It's Dark & Hell Is Hot

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