Bakerstreet 966: Alien World

Bakerstreet 966: Alien World
Title: Alien World
Artist: Bakerstreet 966
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 3760061159044
Genre: Rock

The sound you wanted to listen to! Because all this influences we've all gathered in our hearts from the 80's, to the very last issues of pop-rock music, had to give birth to something huge, this album is the encounter of today's sound and the influence of our idols Powerful pop Rock songs and beautiful ballads bring you into our world, an Alien world made of sounds and colors from both 20th and 21st century. The history of Rock'n roll has always been about love. So most of our songs are about love stories. Good or problematic love affairs have inspired poets and song writers for centuries, and what topic could be more appropriate for rock songs? Except for that one, called 'SHERLOCK', wich is about the life of a private eye investigating a murder case... any resemblance with a famous detective would be totally not coincidental! 'Mr. Mr.' is about a somewhat 'slow' boy, sent by his tyrannical girlfriend to her father to ask for his blessing... except that the boy implores the father to answer NO!!! Nothing any member of the band ever had to do in real life, which goes without saying, of course. This world, this Alien world, is the first one we want you to visit, but the journey has just began...

1.1 Alien World
1.2 Cynical
1.3 I Know
1.4 Mr Mr
1.5 Winter Is Coming
1.6 The Sailor
1.7 Night Train
1.8 Sherlock
1.9 I Love An Angel
1.10 You're the Only One
1.11 California
1.12 You Could See Me

Bakerstreet 966: Alien World


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