Jack Wilson

Jack Wilson: Jack Wilson Plays Brazilian Mancini

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Jack Wilson

Title: Jack Wilson Plays Brazilian Mancini
Label: Essential Media Mod

A highly prized Bossa Nova collector's album, pianist Jack Wilson's 1965 LP entitled "Jack Wilson Plays Brazilian Mancini" is a wonderful jazz album with all tunes penned by the great Henry Mancini. Aside from just being a great album, the LP's worth is buoyed by the fact that Antonio Carlos Jobim plays guitar on the album under the pseudonym "Tony Brazil" due to contractual obligations. The album features the great Roy Ayers (vibraphone) with Jack Wilson on piano and a Brazilian rhythm section featuring Chico Batera (drums, percussion); Sebastiao Neto (bass) and the mysterious "Tony Brazil" (guitar). All selections newly re-mastered.

1.1 Blue Satin
1.2 Days of Wine and Roses
1.3 Sally's Tomato
1.4 Softly
1.5 Lujon
1.6 Mr. Lucky
1.7 Breakfast at Tiffany's
1.8 Dear Heart
1.9 Night Flower

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