Gilberto Gil: Quanta

Gilberto Gil: Quanta
Title: Quanta
Label: Mesa / Bluemoon

It has been nearly 5 years since Parabolicamera, the last album of new material from Brazilian master Gilberto Gil. For his new release, the singer/songwriter presents 20 new songs, his own (the majority), some from other composers and some written together with new partners. To support this beautiful recording, Gilberto will begin a national tour at the Hollywood Bowl; additionally he will be playing New York, Miami, Washington, Seattle and Chicago.

1.1 Quanta
1.2 Ciencia E Arte
1.3 Estrela
1.4 Danca de Shiva
1.5 Vendedor de Caranguejo
1.6 Chiquinho Azevedo
1.7 Pilula de Alho
1.8 Opachoro
1.9 Graca Divina
1.10 Pela Internet
1.11 Guerra Santa
1.12 Atimo de Po
1.13 Fogo Liquido
1.14 Pop Wu Wei
1.15 O Lugar Do Nosso Amor
1.16 De Ouro E Marfim
1.17 Sala Do Som
1.18 Um Abracco No Joao
1.19 O Mar E O Lago
1.20 La Lune de Goree

Gilberto Gil: Quanta

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