Young Messengerrzz: Retribution

Young Messengerrzz: Retribution
Title: Retribution
Label: CD Baby

Strategically designed to wake up the warrior in you, 'Retribution' spawns the birth of the new age Soul-jah. This CD delivers the rawest and realest in conscious hip-hop with unparalleled precision. Tracks like 'Call To The Ancestors' and 'Stomp' pay respects to all those who fought, bled and died for liberation, while songs like 'Hotep' and the apocalyptic title track 'Retribution' set the revolutionary stage for the new generation. Profound lyricism intertwined with blazin' beats, create a mesh of metaphoric messages like a sacred code waiting to be cracked. Can you uncover the mystery of 'Retribution'?

1.1 Oath to the Ancestors (Intro)
1.2 Call to the Ancestors
1.3 Stomp
1.4 Hypnosis
1.5 Retribution
1.6 Voices
1.7 Make It Hot
1.8 Buy My CD (Skit)
1.9 Hands Up
1.10 Ymp
1.11 Hotep
1.12 Lion
1.13 Black Diamond
1.14 O' Lawd
1.15 Look for Me (Outro)

Young Messengerrzz: Retribution

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