Xinema: Different Ways

Xinema: Different Ways
Title: Different Ways
Label: Unicorn Disc

Xinema is a three piece prog/melodic rock band from Sweden, and has existed in it's present form since March 99. Their music can be described as melodic emotional, well played and with a profound intention of making each song a working entity. The band's motto is: "-A good song is always a good song, regardless of genre." Xinema takes great pride in their strong musical integrity, and has always done things their own way. This gives at hand that there's no obvious choice when it comes to placing them a specific genre. The guys themselves feels that they are standing with one leg in the melodic/AOR field, and with the other in the progressive realm.

1.1 In the Scent of the Night
1.2 Over the Sea
1.3 Last Flower
1.4 Timing
1.5 One Day
1.6 Different Ways
1.7 Maybe Time
1.8 Across the Styx
1.9 Distant Lights
1.10 How Can I Believe
1.11 Secret
1.12 Blind Is the Light

Xinema: Different Ways

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