Wild Classical Music Ensemble: Tapping Is Clapping

Wild Classical Music Ensemble: Tapping Is Clapping
Title: Tapping Is Clapping
Artist: Wild Classical Music Ensemble
Label: Born Bad Records
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 3521381531565
Genre: Rock

The Wild Classical Music Ensemble is a musical project launched by the association vzw. With in November 2007. Thanks to vzw. With, Damien Magnette, sound artist and drummer, had the chance to meet Linh Pham, Johan Geenens, Rudy Callant, and Kim Verbeke, four artists with mental disabilities. These four artists work in different fine art media, but they also showed a will and talent for making music. Originally the band focused on free improvisation - sound and object experimentation tied together with orchestration signals and experimental music notations. They have since begun incorporating punk rock riffs from guitarist Kim Verbeke, broadening their sound into a free-punk-noise-rock hybrid. After a several-year trip in that formation, they welcomed Sebastien Faidherbe. He plays homemade bass percussions and sings with great energy and inspiration. As a sextet, the band has developed a tighter, stronger energy and sound. The Wild Classical Music Ensemble collaborates from time to time with other groups, including the SPECTRA ensemble, with which they have worked on a more contemporary music-oriented project.

1.1 01. Slowy (3:26)
1.2 02. de Werkers (3:42)
1.3 03. Koppig (3:23)
1.4 04. Enquête Policiere (3:35)
1.5 05. Brothers in Civil War (3:01)
1.6 06. Les Indiens (3:35)
1.7 07. de Wind (4:38)
1.8 08. Souffle (4:22)
1.9 09. Tapping (2:48)
1.10 10. Lindsy (3:00)
1.11 11. Hawai (2:42)
1.12 12. Pussy Junky (2:27)
1.13 13. Democracy (4:11)
1.14 14. Champignon (2:37)

Wild Classical Music Ensemble: Tapping Is Clapping

Product-type:VINYL LP

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