Watymelon: Funkzilla Tales of Funkopolis

Watymelon: Funkzilla Tales of Funkopolis
Title: Funkzilla Tales of Funkopolis
Artist: Watymelon
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 884502080964
Genre: Rock

Watymelon Seeds Some things are just meant to be ...I know, you've heard that one many times before. It's true and I was totally unprepared for what was about to unfold. Here's how it all happened. A substitute drummer and bass player at the same gig ...how lucky could one guitar player be? I knew the drummer but hadn't yet met the bass player ... he came highly recommended. In walked a mountain of a man with a huge smile, derby hat and some serious gear. I was totally hooked after the first song, crumpled the song list and threw it away. The bass dude spanked the hell out of the plank and sang ...man could he sing! It was all over before I could take in what had happened with only a brief exchange of paper to commemorate the event. I wandered aimlessly lost and without direction in the land of musicdom until I finally gathered the cohones to make a call. We both had band and gig commitments to fulfill ...it all seemed such a distant prospect for us to hook up. Neither of us knew the other had been negatively swayed by vocalizations of 'it will never happen' from well-meaning fellow musicians. My inbox signalled over a year later and with a few brief phone exchanges it was happening. In case you've ever wondered; most great bass players also come packaged with their very own drummer. It wasn't until our first rehearsal that I experienced what has to be one of the best rhythm sections I've ever heard. The 12 year history they shared had to be a contributing factor ...the two of them actually breathed together. And did I mention the drummer also sings? To say the chemistry between us was explosive would be an understatement ...it was, and will always be the missing element I'd been searching for my whole life. Dr. Hickle, Mr. Shive and the Lone Rangeler ...together we are Watymelon.

1.1 Intro: A Hero Is Born
1.2 Funkopolis Part 1
1.3 Funkzilla
1.4 Got Soul?
1.5 WFNK News
1.6 Funk Munky
1.7 Tater Tots ; Hot Dogs
1.8 Hope Is in the Heart
1.9 Good Thing
1.10 Club Chat
1.11 Murder on the Dance Floor
1.12 Static (Rock N' Roll Animal)
1.13 Watymelon
1.14 Funkopolis Part 2

Watymelon: Funkzilla Tales of Funkopolis


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