Elsea, Veronica: Guide Dogs First Hand

Veronica Elsea: Guide Dogs First Hand
Title: Guide Dogs First Hand
Artist: Elsea, Veronica
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 888174886978
Genre: New Age

If you've ever met, owned, trained, or been trained by a dog, this one's for you, your friends and your relatives! Give it a listen and take a good look at the complex human/dog relationship by identifying with the daily experiences of the working guide dog team! 'Guide Dogs, First Hand' is my first recording to be released. It contains 11 songs which address many aspects of living and working with a guide dog, not usually covered in basic brochures. I composed, performed and recorded the music and lyrics in my Santa Cruz studio.. This CD has many unique features including sampled recordings of 3 guide dogs. The dogs become one of the instruments and can be heard throughout the CD. I actually read the liner notes on the CD for the benefit of any blind or visually impaired listeners. This CD has received a very enthusiastic response so far. People have laughed and cried; and several hundred have purchased a CD already. Responses have included comments such as, 'How did you get inside my head and write that?', 'This ought to be required listening for all sighted people.', 'Now I understand a lot more about how to raise my puppy.', 'I use this CD every day to help me through the many challenges and problems that come up.', 'I have never heard the lives of blind people described this accurately in music before.'...and much more. It is designed to be both entertaining and educational.

1.1 Your First Dog
1.2 He's Mine
1.3 I Love Ya But I Could Kill Ya, Sometimes
1.4 Most of the Time
1.5 Do You Know How Hard I've Tried?
1.6 The Mental Game
1.7 Something's Missing
1.8 A Cane Is a Four-Letter Word
1.9 My Next Dog Will Be Perfect
1.10 I'm So Glad I Waited
1.11 How Did You Know?
1.12 Artists Reads Liner Notes

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Elsea, Veronica: Guide Dogs First Hand


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