Various: Deathgasm (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Various: Deathgasm (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Title: Deathgasm (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Label: Death Waltz
Product Type: VINYL LP

Deathgasm. Death-gasm. DEATHGASM. Death Waltz Recording Company are proud to present the soundtrack to the greatest fusion of heavy metal and horror since 1985: DEATHGASM. A 2015 homage to the Kiwi splatter of Peter Jackson directed by newcomer Jason Lei Howden, DEATHGASM itself is a band formed by social outcasts in a New Zealand high-school which unintentionally summon a horrific demon via a cursed sheet of music. As you'd expect, the losers must set aside their D20's and become the heroes their school needs, soundtracked by a ton of screeching vocals and demonic riffs.

1.1 Mark of the Pizzagram - Axeslasher
1.2 Realms - Beastwars
1.3 Deathgasm - Bulletbelt
1.4 Evil Like a Knife - Midnight
1.5 Hour to Live - Skull Fist
1.6 Looking Into the Abyss - Nunslaughter
1.7 Metal Is the Way - Elm Street
1.8 Retrospection - Ihsahn
1.9 Black Banshee - Bulletbelt
2.1 Heavy Metal Power - Elm Street
2.2 8 Foot Sativa - 8 Foot Sativa
2.3 The Burning Shadows of Silence - Emperor
2.4 Alone - Pathology
2.5 The Infinite - Razorwyre
2.6 Desert Inferno - Razorwyre
2.7 Let's Kill These Motherfuckers - Lair of the Minotaur
2.8 Tyrant of the Mountain - the Wretched End
2.9 Bad for Good - Skull Fist

Various: Deathgasm (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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