Pangia: Edges of Tradition: Pangia 6

Various Artists: Edges of Tradition: Pangia 6
Title: Edges of Tradition: Pangia 6
Artist: Pangia
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 796873038584
Genre: International

'Edges of Tradition' is the newest and most exciting CD from 'Pangia' offering Traditional, Original and Tribal Belly Dance music. Sensual compositions that include searingly stimulating original taxims that can be used for tribal style along with several traditional songs lovingly arranged and updated that dancers will relish performing to. Acoustic instrumentation including Oud, Guitar, smokey vocals, Yalli Tambor & Cumbus in addition to exotic percussion instruments all played & arranged by Pat Olson.Carmine T.Guida provides four astounding drum solos as well as accompaniment on the entire CD. Keyboard, Turkish Spoons and Zils played by Denise Mannion. This is a CD that showcases the rich, colorful tapestry of World, Mid East and Belly Dance music. There are four complete 'routines' for dancers. Each track can stand on it's own and yet all of them may be 'cut and pasted' to create your own selection of music. Beautifully recorded with a truly 'live' sound that performers of different styles of dance and listeners alike with delight in.

1.1 Fatima's "Lamouni"
1.2 Tien Afto
1.3 Epic Drum Solo
1.4 Yalla Bina Yalla
1.5 Fire Dance
1.6 Takasim Wehda
1.7 Silva's Drum Solo
1.8 Lorke
1.9 Raks Al Badu
1.10 Edges of Tradition
1.11 Felahi Drum Solo
1.12 Gole Sangam
1.13 Marinella
1.14 Ek' Balam (Black Jaguar)
1.15 Big Baklava
1.16 Arabaamin Atlari-

Pangia: Edges of Tradition: Pangia 6


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