Dark Shadows / TV O.S.T.: Dark Shadows (Original Soundtrack)

Various Artists: Dark Shadows (Original Soundtrack)
Title: Dark Shadows (Original Soundtrack)
Label: Varese Fontana

The original '69 issue of this soundtrack LP from the unique gothic daytime drama went to an astonishing #18 on Billboard's Top 200 album chart and remains one of the Top 10 best selling TV soundtracks of all time. This re-release includes over a dozen of the show's musical selections, including "Shadows of the Night - Quentin's Theme" (a Top 20 single). As a bonus, 40 minutes of unreleased interviews with cast members have been added as well as rare photos, new liner notes and more.

1.1 Opening Themes: Dark Shadows/Collinwood
1.2 I'll Be with You, Always
1.3 Josette's Theme
1.4 A Darkness at Collinwood
1.5 Meditations
1.6 Night of the Pentagram
1.7 When I Am Dead
1.8 No.1 at the Blue Whale
1.9 Shadows of the Night (Quentin's Theme)
1.10 The Secret Room
1.11 Epitaph
1.12 Seance
1.13 I, Barnabas
1.14 Back at the Blue Whale
1.15 The Old House
1.16 Epilogue/Dark Shadows
1.17 Radio Interviews (1968)-Jonathan Frid, Grayson Hall, Roger Davis, Humbert Allen Astredo
1.18 Radio Interview (1969)-David Selby
1.19 The Secret Room
1.20 The Secret Room
1.21 Epitaph
1.22 Epitaph
1.23 S Ance
1.24 S Ance
1.25 I, Barnabas
1.26 I, Barnabas
1.27 Back at the Blue Whale
1.28 Back at the Blue Whale
1.29 The Old House
1.30 The Old House
1.31 Epilogue/Dark Shadows
1.32 Epilogue/Dark Shadows
1.33 Radio Interviews (1968)
1.34 Radio Interviews (1968)
1.35 Radio Interview (1969)
1.36 Radio Interview (1969)

Dark Shadows / TV O.S.T.: Dark Shadows (Original Soundtrack)

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