Various Artists: Chicas 2: Spanish Female Singers 1963-1978

Various Artists: Chicas 2: Spanish Female Singers 1963-1978
Title: Chicas 2: Spanish Female Singers 1963-1978
Label: Vampisoul
Product Type: VINYL LP

Double LP version. Much of the music made by Spanish women in past decades didn't reach it's potential audience. Too much. For varied reasons, the more personal and daring work couldn't break the barriers imposed by a society with a narrow and prudish view of what a woman's role should be. This second volume of Chicas! Must disprove again the lie that says that in the '60s and first half of the '70s, Spanish female artists hardly sang anything but ye-ye, singer songwriter, copla, or romantic songs. Despite all the social determinants and repressive archetypes which stigmatized anyone who left the queue, the most courageous women began their paths in new music roles which they immediately considered their own... Whether it was as solo artists or as part of a band, along with men or other women, the real turning point for our more groundbreaking pop female singers at the time was their ability to associate. Suddenly, breaking the isolation that until then considered them mere instruments in the hands of men, those daring girls got involved in ambitious projects and tried to do it by themselves, obtaining a normality denied until then. Exquisite experiences of select Avant-garde, brave examples of Groove and Funk or adventures in '70s Rock; of course, there were also incursions in twist, Bossa, Ska, Soul, or the emerging Gypsy Rock trend... The tracks featured here are the proofs of this wonder, and the line up of female artists that make this record possible; many of them sadly unknown or forgotten until now, are the wonderful and still relevant cast of this story, Vicente Fabuel. Many of these tracks, originally released between 1963 and 1978, are reissued here for the first time, including very hard to find records. CD and double LP include extensive liner notes by Vincente Fabuel featuring all of the original record sleeves and artist photos. Includes tracks by Claudya Con Ramon y Sus Showmen, Donna Hightower, Claudine Coppin, Blanca Aurora, Ana Kiro, Marina, Elsa Baeza, Anton Garcia Abril, Edda Dell'Orso, La Nueva Generacion, Elia y Elizabeth, Satin Bells, Karina Con los Jaguars, Rocio Durcal, Sola, Las Trillizas de Oro, Barbara, Los Quandos, Los Jolly's, Anabella y los Platinos, The Zara's, La Llave 3, Paloma San Basilio, Morena y Clara, Alicia Granados, Los Cenits, Las Chic, Los Unisonos, and Elia Fleta.

1.1 01. Claudya Con Ramón y Sus Showmen - Un Millón de Lágrimas
1.2 02. Donna Hightower - Tú Eres Mi Ídolo
1.3 03. Claudine Coppin - 40° a La Sombra
1.4 04. Blanca Aurora - Tú No Eres Ye-Yé
1.5 05. Ana Kiro - Por Última Vez
1.6 06. Marina - Snob Ye-Yé
1.7 07. Elsa Baeza - Dubeque Dublín
1.8 08. Antón García Abril/Edda Dell'Orso - 4...3...2...1... Morte
1.9 09. La Nueva Generación - Más Me Enamoro de Ti
1.10 10. Elia y Elizabeth - Ponte Bajo el Sol
1.11 11. Satin Bells - Come C'mon
1.12 12. Karina Con los Jaguars - La Misma Playa
1.13 13. Rocío Durcal - Me Están Mirando
1.14 14. Sola - Tabú, Tabú
1.15 15. Las Trillizas de Oro - Pochoclo
1.16 16. Bárbara - Conquistador de Cartón
1.17 17. Los Quandos - Soul Man
1.18 18. Los Jolly's - Mirza
1.19 19. Anabella y los Platinos - Aho... Aho
1.20 21. The Zara's - Telstar
1.21 21. La Llave 3 - La Bruja
1.22 22. Paloma San Basilio - Contigo
1.23 23. Morena y Clara - Ya No Te Guardo Rencor
1.24 24. Alicia Granados - No Soy un Guarismo
1.25 25. Los Cenits - Más Que Nada
1.26 26. Las Chic - Tic a Tic a Toc Toc
1.27 27. Los Unísonos - Decídete
1.28 28. Elia Fleta - Tu Vida Cambió

Various Artists: Chicas 2: Spanish Female Singers 1963-1978

Product-type:VINYL LP

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