Personal Intention: Audition Tune-Up

Various Artists: Audition Tune-Up
Title: Audition Tune-Up
Artist: Personal Intention
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 837101375597
Genre: New Age

"I listened to the 'Audition Tune-Up' before my callback for [a major studio's feature film]. I was very nervous and was psyching myself out, as all actors can do before a big audition. The 'Audition Tune-Up' calmed my nerves and made me feel really confident. The callback went phenomenal and I'm testing for the movie tomorrow and doing a chemistry read! I'm going to listen to it again before my screentest! " -Brittany C., Los Angeles,ca We all have beliefs about ourselves which do not serve us. They keep us from being truly happy and living our lives to our greatest potential. Affirmation statements offer our subconscious new possibilities. When we say, hear, and feel these statements, our vibrational frequency is raised, powerfully attracting the positive and life-affirming things we desire. Done repetitively over an extended period of time, affirmations re-program old and negative ways of thinking, transforming them into new, positive and life-affirming beliefs. The Personal Intention Series "Creative Empowerment for the Actor" is specifically designed with the goals and needs of the actor in mind. These CDs provide affirmation guidance, offering you the opportunity to participate in this valuable process anywhere and anytime by listening and experiencing an uplifting combination of empowering statements and sounds.

1.1 Welcome
1.2 The Audition Tune-Up
1.3 Empowerment Statements
1.4 Thank You

Personal Intention: Audition Tune-Up


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