Nakamoto, Trisha: Journal

Trisha Nakamoto: Journal
Title: Journal
Label: CD Baby

'Journal' contains 8 original songs by talented singer/songwriter Trisha Nakamoto (who now records simply as Treesh), along with 2 popular cover songs, 'Breathe' by Marie Barnett, and 'Eagles Wings' by Reuben Morgan. Spearheaded by her pastor, Guy Higashi, the CD was produced by her church to provide comfort and hope to those who need a second chance in life. Treesh's sincere, unpretentious renditions reflect her passion for the Lord, as exemplified in 'Choose Me' and 'All I Have'. Her voice is captivating. You'll be deeply moved by her sweet rendition of Marie Barnett's popular worship song "Breathe", which Treesh begins a capella, accompanied only by the sound of the ocean waves. With 'If I'd Only Look to You', she invites you to pick up your cross and follow the Lord. In the uptempo, yet haunting 'River', she invites us to find the eternal light that shines even in the darkest hour. 'Faith' was inspired by a good friend's need for encouragement at a low time in her life, while Treesh wrote the very personal 'I Surrender' at a low point in her own life. 'A Gift to This World' reminds one of a bright, cheerful morning, filled with love for Jesus. 'I Love You' is a simple, loving song in which she sings praise to the One who lives 'up above'. Her voice can be sweet and melodic, sometimes haunting and powerful. Treesh was honored that sound engineer/arranger Dan Garcia (who has worked with artists such as Christina Aguilera, Steven Curtis Chapman, and Crystal Lewis) graciously agreed to work on this project. After listening to demos of her songs, he pulled together talented musicians James Raymond, John Ferraro, Greg Calvillo, and Shawn Tubbs to do the instrumentals. Check out Treesh's new CD, 'Dying to Live' produced under her record label Treesh Music Productions, with 11 original songs including light rock to soulful, love song to joyful.

1.1 Choose Me
1.2 Faith
1.3 A Gift to This World
1.4 Breathe
1.5 If I'd Only Look to You
1.6 River
1.7 Eagle's Wings
1.8 I Surrender
1.9 All I Have
1.10 I Love You

Nakamoto, Trisha: Journal

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